Resonating Cascade

Tech Specs

Category: Bitwig

Devices: Filter

Format: Preset (.bwpreset)

Type: Effect

Bitwig, what's best in life?

To crush your CPU, see a parallel resonant bank of fifteen bandpass filters in action, and hear your audio signal turn to swirling liquid psychedelia.

The patch is not really good for use in songs since it's really CPU heavy, there are 60 bandpass filters (switchable between 8 and 16 pole steepness), and probably hundreds of automation routings. Since they're all audio rate... Well. But very cool for sound design work.

I tried to make the macro controls artistically sensible, have every control do something useful, and avoid the possibility of "bad settings". There are two tabs of macro controls, a few right on the chain page, and the most on the layer after that. I could have moved them all to the main page, but that would have doubled most of the macros which causes all kinds of problems in practise.

A light version of this patch could probably be built around the internal Bitwig resonator bank. But the inner workings could not be finetuned.

Anyway, I had this sound in my head for days, it did not end up sounding exactly as I envisioned, but on the other hand I can see myself using this a lot on arpeggiated short note runs, pads, etc.

Having a separate delay on every frequency band did not end up sounding as cool as I hoped. I might think about that at some point, I remember the old NI Spectral Delay used to be very cool. But then again it was optimized for running tons of very narrow bands...