Tech Specs

Category: Bitwig

10-band vocoder built inside Bitwig, built and tested in v2.2.

There is three tracks, one for wet FX, one for carried and one for modulator. If you just save and re-import the preset, the audio receiver settings are broken inside the patch and be must set by hand again, 30 times in total for all bands :P

I tried to make the controls sensible, but they might be somewhat dependent on incoming signal strength, I guess both carrier and modulator should match their volume.

It works by having three 4-pole bandpass filters in series for both carrier and modulator. The series is to rise the steepness of the filter. The audio sidechain is used to modulate the amplitude of the carried signal with the output of the last of the modulator's filters.

Resonances of both carried and modulator analysis bands can be independently set, as well as the attack and release of the envelope follower. So both sharp robotic and more ringing effects can be got. The analysis bands are approximately placed close to as many vowels as possible, but they can be tuned upward (the lowest is at 60hz by default) and also swept with a LFO to get phaser-like sounds.