Poladroid delay

Tech Specs

Category: Bitwig

Special Instructions

Note that the noise part of the signal needs a note gate to run!

So audio clips have to be sliced and thrown into a sampler, otherwise the effect won't do what is should, since the noise part is use to modulate some other things in the chain.

Based on the Poladroid sound nostalgiser, check the info for that one for clarification about the controls for the layers.

The master chain controls here control th delay, chorus and a few self-evident master controls.

Both left and right delay have their own sound degradation paths, and thus have individual controls accessible from the dry/wet layer macro panel. A tape-like effect for the delay time can be controlled with the wow & flutter controls. I have no idea if that slightly randomized sinewave is close to what a tape machine would do, but it does not sound completely unlike my old Roland Space echo so it's good enough for flavor I think. Luckily since it's Bitwig and not a VST you can do it better if you have some ideas :)