Signals - Soundset for Thorn

Special Instructions

This is the free version of Signals containing 4 patches ( 1 Bass, 1 Key, 1 Lead, 1 Pad).

The Full Version of Signals can be purchased here:

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Signals is a vibrant collection of 76 patches for the spectral software synthesizer Thorn.

Influenced by the recent history of psybient (psychedelic ambient) music and related genres, this soundset provides a refreshing tableau of evocative and atmospheric sounds. From lush and ethereal pads, to dreamy keys, intriguing ambient arpeggios, to unique leads and solid bass, Signals carries with it an inspiring palette of frequencies.

In the vein of artists such as Solar Fields, Ascendant, and Carbon Based Lifeforms – Signals will be sure to transmit creative inspiration for any musical endeavor.

All patches are sorted by category for easy identification, with Velocity and Modwheel assigned to every patch, and a few dB of headroom left at maximum velocity and polyphony. Audio demos provided below.