Firebird - Condemned

'Condemned' contains 70 dark and moody sounds for injecting some creepy mojo into your tracks, inspired by urban wastelands, abandoned buildings, and the paranoid rush from infiltrating and exploring forbidden areas.

'Condemned' Patch List

AT Asbestos Hazard
AT Clausterphobia
AT Corridor To Hell
AT Eerie Winds
AT Flooding Drains
AT Glass Laced Weed
AT Mystery Machine
AT Parasites
BA Basic Reese
BA Chemical Spill
BA Deep Analog
BA Dubstep Wobble 1
BA Dubstep Wobble 2
BA Dubstep Wobble 3
BA Dubstep Wobble 4
BA Essential Sine Sub
BA Futurist Sub Bass
BA Little Phatyy
BA Mirror Image
BA Not Dubstep
BA Oldschool Dubstep
BA Requiem For Detroit
BA Sub Drone
BA Wow Bass
FX Apocalypse Dub
FX Bots in the Sewers
FX Creepy
FX Mr Alias
HT Ominous Noise Hit
HT Paranoia
LD Avian Infestation
LD Bad Juju
LD Cursed Flute
LD Downtempo Funk
LD Leaky Pipes
LD Lobotomy
LD Moog Lead
LD Pain
PD Ambient Hoover
PD Bittersweet
PD Bloodwater
PD Chernobyl
PD Crumbling Bricks
PD Euphoric Effect
PD Faded From Memory
PD FM Sweep
PD Hyperdub
PD Hypnosis
PD Live Wires
PD Metallic 5ths
PD Nightmare Kush
PD Play Dissonant Chords
PD Polluted Stream
PD Scene Of A Murder
PD Shadow Spirits
PD Somber Mood
PD Souls of the Insane
PD Stairway to Nowhere
PD Stoned Thoughts
PD Strage Graffiti
PD Tension in the Air
PD Tryptomine
PD Twisted Labyrinth
SY Black Marble Foyer
SY Eerie Bells
SY Flashbacks
SY Music Box
SY Nature Reclaims
SY Snapshot in Time
SY Sunday Long Passed