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The Access Virus TI2 is an all-purpose analog-modeling synthesizer available with a 61-key keyboard or as a desktop synth module. The TI2 is the latest and greatest model in the Virus line and is used by producers across all genres thanks to its extreme amount of features and sounds.

The Virus has a ridiculous amount of just about everything. Take waveforms, for example. The TI2 can produce the usual analog-modeled sawtooth, sine, triangle, and variable pulse waves, but also includes graintable, wavetable, spectral, and formant oscillators, each with loads of waveforms of their own. In addition, the HyperSaw oscillator stacks up to 9 individual sawtooth waveforms, 9 subs, and a sync oscillator at once to make insanely huge sawtooth sounds.

The filter options are equally diverse. Two filters can function and be modulated totally independently of each other in lowpass, highpass, bandpass, or bandstop modes. A third analog-modeled filter replicates the sound of a self-oscillating Moog cascade filter with a variable 6-24dB slope.

Three main oscillators and one sub-oscillator can be assigned to each voice. There are three LFOs with 68 waveforms each. You can run 129 effects at a time, including effects as diverse as tape delay, bass enhancer, ring modulation, and more. The dual SHARC DSP signal processor lets you play different numbers of voices depending on the oscillators and filters chosen, but the average patch has potentially 80 voices available, and you never have fewer than 20 at your hands. You can play on the luxurious 61-key semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch, or just program everything in your DAW. The ‘TI’ in TI2 stands for ‘Total Integration’ (with your computer). Thanks to a USB connection and accompanying VST 3.0 software, the Virus TI2 can be programmed and sequenced just like a plugin in your DAW.

Even the audio outputs on the Virus TI2 boast impressive options. There are six ¼” analog outputs as well as 1 S/PDIF digital out. There’s MIDI In, Out, and Thru jacks, and MIDI connectivity can also be managed through the USB connection.

There’s so much more here than we mentioned. Suffice to say that the Access Virus TI2 is an all-purpose analog modeling synth with just about any feature you could hope for.

Technical Specifications

Year of release: 2009 Polyphony: 20-90 voices
Multitimbral parts: 16 Oscillators: 3 + 1 Sub per voice
Modular: No Patch Memory: 512 RAM; 2048 ROM
Filter: 2 Multi-mode filters; 1 analog modeled filter Format: Analog modeling keyboard
Keys: 61, velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted, with aftertouch Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, EQ, Delay, Bass Enhancer, Ring Modulation
LFO: 3 x 68 waveforms each Control: MIDI


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Access Virus Ti2 Keyboard