Dave Smith Tetra


At just under two pounds, Tetra is small and portable, but contains more than enough great analog synth features to get musicians excited. Tetra offers a 100% analog sound and features four voices with individual outputs assigned to each. Assets like the onboard “Combo Mode” gives you the power to stack voices on top of each other in unison or polyphonically to craft intrepid new sounds. Each voice comes with two oscillators that offer different ways to shape your synths including triangle, sawtooth, saw-triangle, and square with moveable pulse-width. Three envelopes also come with each voice along with two sub-generators to produce deep, tasty bass lines with clarity and precision.

Feedback loops with adjustable volume and gain are included with each voice, and Tetra includes USB and MIDI connectivity for recording and live performance needs as well as arpeggio options and a handy white noise generator. For such a small, uncomplicated unit, Tetra offers musicians a great deal of exciting analog synth features for a reasonable price. And because the device is so small, it’s perfect for touring musicians and those working remotely.

Technical Specifications

Year of release: 2009 Polyphony: 4
Oscillators: 2 DCO per voice Multitimbral Parts: 4
Patch Memory: 512 Filter: Low Pass 2-pole, 4-pole
VCA: ADSR Format: Desktop
Effects: LFO: 4 per voice
Control: Midi, USB Dimensions: 7.9" L x 5" W x 2.7" H


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Dave Smith Tetra