Waldorf MicroQ


The microQ offers big, powerful synth engineering in a compact 2U rack unit. With sounds and technology modeled after Waldorf’s Q units, one of the standout features of this synth is its easy-to-use editing matrix, which allows for on-the-go editing and spontaneous creativity. The microQ hosts sounds you’d normally find on far more expensive models, and is loaded with stellar features to further sweeten the deal like Drum Map and Arpeggiator.

Getting down to the nitty gritty, this small but capable synth features 25 voices, 16 editing buttons, 16 multi-timbral capabilities, and up to five oscillators per voice. The microQ also boasts a 2 x 20 character display, noise and ring generators, four envelopes, vocoder technology, and sound-shaping effects like reverb, flanger, distortion, and even a unique 2 x surround delay. For not a lot of money, this little synth gives musicians a vast array of synth sounds and textures packed into a neat, manageable unit.


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Waldorf MicroQ