Yamaha AN1X


A favorite of the bands Phish and Yes, Yamaha’s AN1x delivers a powerful retro-analog sound that’s never really left popular music. One of this synth’s standout features is its ability to edit, filter, and store sounds in real time. This capable unit is in league with other analog-digital synths that use DSP-modeling to deliver the sound of beloved classics with modern, easy-to-work-with specifications. The AN1x delivers classic sounds through modern synthesization methods and includes 10 polyphonic voices, 8 adjustable dials, and arpeggios packed with dozens of interesting patterns to choose from.

This synth borrows much of what makes it great from the CS1x, and is constructed with the same case and features the exact same layout. The difference is that every control features far more functions and controls than the CS1x. Its “Instant Recall” feature lets you pull up the exact settings of any filter and envelope, and included effects allow you to shape, distort, and color your sounds even further. The included pulse width modulation, ring modulation, and oscillator syncing features are other powerful assets the AN1x offers to music-makers.


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Yamaha AN1X