Novation X-Station


Novation is known for delivering some of the most innovative tools in all of music, and the X-Station does not disappoint. At 61 keys, the X-Station gives musicians of all stripes a powerful music-making tool that combines Novation’s sizable synth capabilities, an audio interface with mic preamps, a MIDI interface and remote control options, and a unique multi effects processor. The X-Station is designed for peak performance on stage and in recording studios, and features both USB and battery powering options so you’ll always have a way to play.

The X-Station makes messy cables a thing of the past. All you need is a single chord to accommodate your MIDI, power, and audio needs. This hardware synth boasts a powerful DSP processor, 3 virtual analog oscillators, and 8 versatile polyphonic voices. Perfect for live shows, the X-Station’s easy-to-use control surface allows for rapid sound customization. Semi-weighted keys and aftertouch make this synth stand out from lesser, flimsier counterparts. Tallying in at an impressive 55 physical controls with 3 encoders, 16 pots, 9 sliders, and 22 buttons, the X-Station is a beast of a synth to be reckoned with and will fit your needs no matter where music takes you.

Technical Specifications

Year of release: 2004 Polyphony: 8
Oscillators: 3 Modular: No
Multitimbral Parts: 1 Patch Memory: 200
Filter: 12db Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass VCA: ADSR
Format: Keyboard Keys: 25, 49, 61
Effects: Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Compression, Distortion and EQ LFO: 2
Control: Midi, USB


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Novation X-Station