Korg Minilogue


With 37 keys and a gorgeous, chic design, Korg’s Minilogue is a small but powerful polyphonic analog synthesizer set at a price point most musicians can afford. This slim-keyed synth is fully programmable and packed with innovative features designed to meet the complex needs of modern performers and songwriters. Minilogue’s real analog-sourced sounds provide authentic instrumentation options that can’t be found within a DAW. This synth features a polyphonic step and motion sequencer, tape-style delay, tasty sound shaping and filter capabilities, and a sleek oscilloscope display.

The Minilogue’s small size and versatile synth offerings make it ideal for busy performing musicians and bedroom producers alike. Chassis-mounted pots and rubber-coated knobs keep this synth durable and tour-ready over years of use. Physical dials make on-the-go programming quick and painless, providing intuitive performance and control. Two VCOs allow for broad and simple shaping, and 100 preset sounds provide inspiration for musicians working in any genre. The synth’s Oscilloscope option lets you view your waveform in real time and its innovative Voice Modes provide 8 options to shape your sound in captivating ways. For the price, the Minilogue might be small, but it packs a helluva punch.

Technical Specifications

Year of release: 2016 Polyphony: 4
Oscillators: VCO Modular: No
Multitimbral Parts: 1 Patch Memory: 32
Filter: Low Pass VCA: Digital ADSR
Format: Keyboard Keys: 37
Effects: Delay LFO: 1
Control: Midi, USB Dimensions: 3.35" x 19.69" x 11.81"


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Korg Minilogue