Korg Volca Kick


The tiny Volca Kick from Korg is an analog kick drum and bassline generator in the company’s affordable and portable Volca series. Rather than starting the sound shaping with a sine wave oscillator, Korg opted for the filter section from their famous MS-20 monosynth that, when the resonance is maxed out, goes into feedback. This noise is pitched using a single wheel, and further shaped by two other pairs of knobs; one pair controlling an overdrive section to add upper harmonics, and another that uses a matrix of filter and volume enveloping to add some sway and movement to the sound.

The 16 step sequencer can hold up to 16 patterns at a time. Live looping or active step mode both are options here, and the ‘Roll’ feature allows you to add some nuance to the loops. 1/8th inch cables are used for a single audio out and to sync tempo with other Volca modules. Six AA batteries can be saved by use of a separate power adapter.

As for the sound of the unit, the tuned kick drum sound it’s capable of is definitely boomy and large, but maybe not the most useful kick sound in the studio. In fact, many users of the Volca Kick find a lot more mileage from using the box as a bassline or effects generator. The slide feature and motion sequencing make it possible to create powerful, thudding, and interesting rhythmic loops. Yes, the sound produced by the MS-20 resonator is beastly, and Korg did a great job stripping a lot of control down into just a few knobs, but the Volca Kick seems like a box with limited capability and value when compared to the equally priced Volca Beats and Volca Bass.

Technical Specifications

Year of release: 2017 Format: Desktop
Control: Midi


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Korg Volca Kick