Korg MS-20 Mini


Released in 2013, the MS-20 Mini from Korg is a nearly exact reproduction of the original MS-20 from 1978. The main differences are that the Mini is 86% the size of the original and has a cleaner VCA section.

Other differences are few. All of the ¼” jacks on the synth have been swapped for smaller ?” jacks to save space. This includes the main audio output as well as the patch bay for the modular section of the front panel. The MS-20 Mini also includes USB and MIDI In connections. Otherwise, you essentially get the same great monosynth as the MS-20 but with a miniature keyboard; the same two analog oscillators and waveform options, the same self-oscillating high and low pass filters, the same single LFO and two different envelope generators. The VCA has been changed slightly, but only to deliver less noise.

The modular patch bay provides plenty of routing possibilities, making this more than just a bass synth. There’s a lot to play with. The sound of the MS-20 Mini is extremely fat, raw, and warm. Users praise the similarity to the original MS-20; this is a nasty, noisy analog beast of a monosynth. Common complaints include the miniature keyboard being too small, the lack of preset memory, and the use of the ?” audio output jack. Korg’s SQ1 Sequencer can be patched in through the patch bay. The MS-20 Mini runs on a 9V DC external power supply.

Technical Specifications

Year of release: 2013 Polyphony: Monophonic
Oscillators: 2 VCOs Modular: Semi-modular
Filter: High Pass and Low Pass VCFs VCA: VCA
Format: Keyboard MIDI: MIDI In
Keys: 37 miniature keys LFO: 1 LFO
Control: MIDI Dimensions: 8.2” x 19.4” x 10.1”


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Korg MS-20 Mini