Roland JX-8P Presets

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: JX-8P PG8X

Genre: 80's Dance EBM Electro Euro House Pop Synthpop

Format: .syx

Type: Bass Brass

Roland JX-8P Presets in .syx format made with Martin Luders PG-8X and Marc Schreier PC-JX8P all saved as .syx files which is universal format for saving and controlling synth and effects perameters to which you can send and receive midi messages in sysex or syx format which stands for system exclusive Information. Here are a few presets I made, I haven't made a bank but you can load them to your Hardware JX by Marc Schreier PC-JX8P.

To make your own presets or to load onto your JX use this software below:

[note to Win7 users, use Beta4, install, then click on the start-menu link, it will ask you to browse, it's looking for the program but you have to route to the beta4.exe file]

You can get the PC-JX8P software here:

Audio Demo by PG-8X.