Paul Nagle Microwave XT Patches

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Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Microwave II Microwave XT Microwave XTK

Format: .syx

These Microwave 2/XT patches are my working bank and, as such, are useful as raw material. If you wish to use them, please do so. I'd appreciate a credit if any are used commercially or a copy of any new patches that are made using these as starting points. Or indeed any patches at all cos I love this instrument and I'm learning about it all the time.

Some of the patches are usable only over a small range of the keyboard. Your idea of the usable range may differ from mine. Many have been created using the patch randomizer or the excellent Microwave editor to be found from a link on my web page. Please check this out along with the wavetable creation utilities you'll find there, created by Phil Pilgrim. I am still a novice with these and therefore few of the patches use my own tables.

The enclosed data is in .mid format, raw sysx and also for Cubase's Studio Module. Please note that if you use the Studio Module version, this does not load waves and wavetables so you must retrieve these from the other data. Patches prefixed # use user waves and wavetables although I have not really done this feaure justice yet.

pun0998w.syx raw sysex of waves and wavetables
pun0998.syx Banks A&B Patch data
punsept98.mid patch data followed by wave/wavetables in .mid format
Working XT Bank.mw2 Patch data in Cubase's Studio Module format

Beware that this overwrites ALL user waves and wavetables (the Microwave does not allow you to dump these individually, I think) although mine are only wavetables 97-100 and waves 1000-1066.

Paul Nagle

The Soft Room - Synthesizer Music Production