Paul Nagle Korg Wavestation Bank 1

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Wavestation

Genre: Various

Format: .syx

Type: Pads Brass Lead

OK, here's a bank of mixed stuff from me. Mainly pretty conventional things but then most of these are quite old. RAM1, Channel 1, you know the kind of thing, I'm sure....
have fun!

Performance: Description New Piles: Percussive sequency with delay (use velocity to get different PCMs)
PileSeq1: Another sequencer thing
PileSeq2: I must've needed these for something once.....
Tinky Piley: Add a twee musical box...
Pile Driver3: My 'techno' thing
Strangely: Digital string thing
Lorien : Lush edited preset choir....
Lavondyss: PPG-like electric strings
Poseidon's Pad: Rich pad, edited preset I'm sure but a goody, I think. If you were to buy my CD Wavemaker it's used to great effect on a track called Poseidon's Realm. Can't blame a guy for trying.....
Drawnbell Gasp: A breathing bell
Deep Kingdom: More obvious M1-like stuff
Rich Papper: Uses ROM patches but, hey, shoot me! Brassy...
Alien Zapper: Digital Synth lead
Sort Of Yuck: Old, distorted lead
Dreamy Brass: Both these are kinda nice but flooded in effects (yeah!) Shame the Wavestation has such a metallic reverb - not like the warm sound of the M1, sadly.
Wispas: Voices
Goosties: Breathy Pad
Goo 2: Another pad
Vince's Kazoo: Vince Clarkeish bass. Would this be techno?
VOIDVOICES: My first ever WS patch - spooky!
HEY!: More spooks
Halibees: Sequence thing inspired by a Scottish musician called Al Robertson
WS_Universe: We've all done it....sold our M1s then pined....this is close but no cigar.
Brassed Off: Big & brassy
Bzzz : Noise & BAss. Think this uses Synth & Timeslice PCM
Magical Voices: Changing vocal sounds
Yah Sweety: Reverby Digi voices
Bah Bah: A vocalish thing
Analog Gone Mad: You guessed it. More tedious brass!
Analog Again: er...
Old Ones 4: dum dee dum.....
DW+PPG: DW8000 or maybe a PPG
DX Tinkling: A DX7 not working very hard....

I just remembered I use Synth & Timeslice most of the time. I think some
sounds were actually developed with M1 PCMs(did you know you could do
this?) but most of these sound OK. Any probs, drop me some abusive mail....
If anyone should use these commercially (well, you never know), all I
require is a programming credit which is all vanity I know but some of
these sounds took literally minutes of my time.....


Paul Nagle