Paul Nagle Korg Wavestation Bank 2

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Wavestation

Format: .syx

Some more sounds from The Soft Room...

Haunted: weird noises
Alpha Weavers: hey, more weird noises
Beta Mix: Use mod wheel for more wacko stuff
Strange Woods: OTT reverby woodwind
Little Goblins: Another OTT effects digi solo thing
Complexity: Wavesequence thing
Demonomics: Odd, this patch doesn't sound quite how I remember...
Hanuted 2: Guess....yip, more weirdies
Storm Time: Grrrrr, that metallic reverb again
Stereo Dribbly: Always got a use for a sound like this....
Poom Padder: Lush pad
Dark Designs: Creepy
Alien Pie: Can't have too many aliens
Voice of Death: Not as exciting as it might sound....
Rotary Whoosh: With a decent filter, this sound might be more lively
Mumbo Jimbo: Tinkly echoey
Solaris: Don't I just love delays?
Dying Time: Er....
SheQuenz2: A variation on the wavesequence that ended "Wavemaker"
Mysterons: Sorta powerful
Typical WS & 2: The sort of thing everyone excpects from a WS
Sky Seq: Surprise! More delayed sequences
Soke to 'em: It's meant to sound Japanese
Stroke It: Similar to above ish
Window on West: Like something I once did on my DX7 for "Wilderlands"
Spaced Out: You gettin the idea of the kind of wacko things I do?
Zonal: you should by now...
M1 Piano 8': Aha! I needed something like that short piano sound...

I'm sure these descriptions are quite inadequate but - hey - listen and then
keep or delete as you will. If any use card PCMs, they'll be the synth &
timeslice cos that's all I use thesedays....


Paul Nagle