Quick Super Shapes Synth

Tech Specs

Category: Ableton Racks

Devices: Operator

Version: Live 9.0

Format: Rack (.adg)

Type: Instrument

Genre: Ambient Deep House Downtempo House Pop Tech-House Techno Trance

Special Instructions

Simply download and unzip the included Ableton Live project folder, then open the project.

Click the floppy disk button on the corner of the Instrument Rack to save the patch into your User Library.

This Instrument Rack is inspired by the classic Roland JP-8000, and its Supersaw oscillator, which first graced our ears in the mid-1990s. This was/is THE sound of trance music, and can be heard nowadays in just about ANY genre.

Occasionally in my production, I'll need access to a quick "supersaw-like" sound for a pad, a lead, etc. I developed this Instrument Rack patch, using Operator with the "4 carriers" algorithm, to get just that. I decided, however, to take it a step further. There's so much credit given to the supersaw sound, but what if we could "super-size" ANY oscillator wave shape!? I set up a few dedicated macro controls to adjust the volume level between 4 detuned oscillators and to switch between all of the various wave shapes that Operator has to offer (super SQUARES anyone?).

I've also set up dedicated groups of macros to control a lowpass filter (cutoff and resonance) and the 4 stages of each oscillator's amp envelope.

Try also using Operator's "Spread" dial to double up on the voice count and adjust the stereo spread of the sound too.

In the audio example, I recorded a simple 4-bar trance chord progression, turned up the Spread to about 70%, and added reverb to space it out a bit. The Rack comes dry, so feel free to add your own splash of reverb, delay, etc. (Max 4 Live's Convolution Reverb Pro works exceptionally well). '90s trance addicts unite!