TAL-Sampler Presets

Here's are my sounds for TAL-Sampler, there are some presets which feature the waveform Rom's of the TAL-Sampler Synth/Sampler Plugin and the other are presets of samples and single-cycle waveforms I created over the past years. I would like to see these included into the synth in the future, at least you can get them here on audiobombs, the file size is too big for KVR Audio so here are all of my sounds and presets as of 2015.08.06 Thursday August.

Included Single-Cycle Waveform Presets, a sampled preset from a Yamaha TX81Z, A few presets made from the internal Roms.

(All Wav files converted to .TalWav)

More to come stay tuned, converting process of files can take time.




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