Note Range Setter

"Note Range - Setter" by PerforModule Template MIDI Rack. Set the minimum and maximum ranges of MIDI notes which pass through.

Any note below "Lowest Note" will not pass. Any note above "Highest Note" will not pass.

At default, all notes pass through.

Example Implementation: Let's say you want to compose a violin part, for a real violinist, but you are using a midi instrument which ranges far beyond the standard violin range. You could use this rack to set the lowest and highest notes to prevent yourself from composing notes the real violinist would not be able to record.

You can save racks as your own new presets for different instruments you play and for the vocal ranges of different singers you know. Make a rack for each singer and be able to compose multi-part harmonies that everyone will be able to sing comfortably within their own specific ranges. Etc, etc....

It's super handy! p.s. be on the lookout for an eventual full pack of "Note Range" standard presets for a wide variety of concert instruments.