Avant Koncept | Chromaphone Soundset

Avant Koncept is a new soundset, a critical tool conceived for electronic music producers wanting a cutting edge and versatile sound. Comprises a wide variety of patches from edgy and sinister to relaxing and ethereal.

Avant Koncept is conceived with the multi genre idea in mind; this is a state of the art soundset for the modern electronic musician.

Avant Koncept delivers composite mallets, bells and synth keyboards, ethereal and lush leads, frictional and rusty textures, stiff and deep percussions as well as heavy distorted and harsh industrial percussions, speaker blowing basses, mystical soundscapes, atmospheres and cinematic SFX.

Comprised with a variety of styles like avant garde, ambient, industrial, analog electronica and cinematic this soundset is ideal for all kinds of electronic music.

Avant Koncept takes advantage of Chromaphone resonators to make sounds that aren’t possible in the reality or quite difficult to obtain.

There is plenty of expressibility on all the 128 patches and each patch as a unique response to velocity, pitch and modwheel.

As a plus this soundset comprises percussion kits, this allows to play different sounds with the same patch when touching different keys on the keyboard.