Fully Integrate Razor Synth into Ableton PUSH

Tech Specs

Category: Ableton Racks

Devices: Arpeggiator Chord Razor Reaktor

Version: Live 9.5

Type: Utility

Genre: Deep House Dubstep House Progressive

Special Instructions

To Purchase the Full Factory Razor Library Integration Pack go here:


For owners of Ableton "PUSH" 1 or 2 and Native Instruments Reaktor: Razor. (For those that are new to Ableton Push, this listing is assuming that you already own Ableton Push 1 or 2 and Native Instruments Reaktor player 6 w/ the Razor synth).

Fully integrate Razor synth for a true turn-key solution for a super-fast and inspiring studio work flow! No configuring, just copy/drag files to the location described in the included install instructions, and thats it! No more playing around with that silly mouse. All this fine technology and we are reduced down to sampling it / browsing it / and loading it with a mouse? With this cataloging and converting/bridging pack, you will be able to:

Browse and load all of your FACTORY presets (Download Demo Version has 11 presets) with midi mappings for the 8 macros on the b-side of the Razor instrument. Plus, 16 adiitional midi mappings to the most sound sculpting features that will auto load with each and every preset you load, of course along with the 8 macros, so a total of 24 instant midi mapping recall. "Truly" step away from your computer and producing solely on Ableton PUSH without touching the mouse or mouse pad by browsing and loading only from PUSH. Bounus feature: Razor will have added Chord/Arp. Function added to it. Selectable on/off from PUSH, along with custom Preconfigured Chords with it's own macros that allows the user to select the preconfigured chords from PUSH by scrolling thru them with the knobs. The chords are configured to be used in genre like: House, Deep House, Garage, Techno, Prog. House and Tech House.

Imagine having a 16' or 25' USB cable and PUSH sitting there on your coffee table producing and browsing and loading presets Without getting up to fooling with the mouse or mouse pad. With this pack it is now possiable to browse sub folders by type of preset load them with preset names along with midi mappings all within PUSH 1 Browser. More 3rd Party vst integrated packs coming soon!




What! Now its easy to integrate Razor

posted 8 years, 2 months and 19 days ago

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