"97s" Drum Selector Rack

Tech Specs

Category: Bitwig

Devices: Drum Machine

Format: Preset (.bwpreset)

Genre: Various

Type: Utility

You've probably heard of "128s" in Ableton. These are drum racks that allow you to change samples on the fly with macros. This allows you to try samples quickly in the context of your song, while it's playing.

In Bitwig, you can't reproduce 128s exactly due to the lack of chain (zone) selector in the Sampler. However, in Bitwig you can nest Drum Machines, unlike Ableton.

So using nested Drum Machines and the Note Pitch Shift device, I've created a rack that will allow you select from up to 97 samples with a macro knob. You'll need to load your samples in each nested rack. You can fill slots from C0 to C8 (97 total slots).

So for example, click on the Kick chain to reveal the nested Drum Machine. Select up to 97 kicks in the Bitwig sample browser. Drag and drop the samples on C0 of the nested Drum Machine, and Bitwig will fill in the slots above with the samples. Then, use the macro labeled "Kick" to select the sample.