Sagittarius | Serum Soundset

Special Instructions

More Information at ZenSound:

Sagittarius for Serum is geared towards electronic music with a cinematic ambient feel; it's inspired in science, space and the technologies of the future.

This soundset is in a well balanced intersection between classic and experimental electronica. Sagittarius is formed by dreamy and evolving leads, mysterious and ethereal atmospheres, crystalline keys, analogue and punching basses, otherworldly science fiction effects and mind trapping sequences and arpeggios. Every sound of Sagittarius will immerse you into a new sonic terrain full of classic analogue synths as well as straightforward FM synths.

There is plenty of expressibility on all the 128 patches and each patch has a unique response to velocity, pitch and modwheel. The four Serum macro controls are assigned to all the sounds giving you the next level of usability and control to totally transform every sound and blend it into your projects.

Sagittarius will drag your inspiration to explore far away constellations.

There are free demo patches down on the product page!