Rate Of Motion U-He Zebra 2.5

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: Zebra 2

Format: Instrument’s Native Format

This is a demo containing several demo patches. To purchase the full collection, please visit our webshop.

'Rate Of Motion' is a patch set for the U-He Zebra 2.5 soft synthesizer. Picking up where 'Zebrasonix' left off: more melodic and rhythmically interesting arpeggiator programming, unique and useful modwheel settings & all 4 X/Y pads ready to be tweaked for your tracks. 116 Brand New Original Patches (Plus 1 variation of each preset for 232 patches all total). 26 Zebrify fx patches are included as a bonus. All presets are tagged with their main category: Bass - Lead - Pad - Synth. Spend your time making music, not looking for the right kind of sound.