Starmap Vol. 1 for Dune 2 - Demo

Starmap has landed, and is Free/Name your price until May 2nd. After that it will be $10.95. Will be setting future prices based on donation amounts from now on. Every sound set will be "Free/Name your price" for one week.

Starmap Vol.1 is a Sci-Fi themed sound set for Dune 2 that is inspired by the idea of advanced space travel in a time when humanity becomes so overpopulated that finding a new habitable planet becomes essential.

This sound set focuses on complex atmospheres, layered drones, cinematic pads, ambient synths, and celestial keys. Starmap Vol.1 is the first part of a three part series in which each volume will focus on a different sound type. Vol.1 is centered around, but not limited to Atmospheres.

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Patch list -

Vox_#Welcome to Starmap Arp_Empty Shell Arp_Feline Nebula Arp_Holodeck Leisure Arp_Skeletor Flyby Atmo_Alpha Cygnus IX Atmo_Aquatic Universe Atmo_Cell Formation Atmo_City of the Moon Atmo_Cryodream Atmo_Cryowake Atmo_Crystal Planet Atmo_Deep Zone Atmo_Delta Quadrant Atmo_Drone I Atmo_Drone II Atmo_Engine Room Atmo_Living Blackhole Atmo_Lonely Planet Atmo_Monilith 2016 Atmo_New Horizon Atmo_Saga of Seven Suns Atmo_T'ien Shan Atmo_Troes Bass_AmbB Bass_FMdly Brass_Theme Emissions-I Emissions-II Emissions-III Fx_Artificial Forest Fx_Kantos Atmo Gtr_Last night in the city Gtr_Mandy Lynn Keys_One Last Look Keys_Pion Keys_Reflective Zone Lead_For Kowl Lead_Retroborn Pad_Artificial Wings Pad_Epcot Voyage Pad_Eyoy Dark Pad_Genetic Double Pad_Project Colonize Perc_Fluffy Impact Seq_Happy Landing Seq_Ready When You Are Seq_S.S. Enterprise Stacked_Followed Stacked_In Peace Stacked_Life After Space Strings_Glass Bow Sy_Furthest Path Sy_Entradian Sy_Fox Skully Sy_Galaxy Lounge Sy_Hope Sy_Planet of Fairies Sy_Romulan Eyes Sy_Strange Leader Sy_Tequila Sunrise Textures_Space Madness Vox_Venusian Lover

Total number of patches- 64 Total number of custom wavetables - 18

*Important - Requires version 2.501 for Windows and 2.502 for Mac

*Note - Starmap Vol. 1 wavetables need to be placed in your designated wavetables folder for Dune 2 in order for some of the patches to work as intended.

Price - Free/Name your price

Cover art by Julian Ray