Predator Electronic Excursion

Yemski’s Electronic Excursion is collection of 658 patches for Predator.

The first of a number of planned releases that provides high quality soundsets for VSTIs suited to a number of genres.

With 171 Arps, 67 Pads, 49 Synths, 87 Leads, 133 Bass and 42 Keys patches you will find a large and varied set that can be used for everthing from EDM, HipHop, IDM, Breakbeat, D&B, Electro, Video-game, Chillout/Downtempo, Film/Soundtrack and anything else you can imagine.

All the patches have the modulation wheel assigned at a minimum, with many patches particularly the arps, bass and leads utilizing midi modulation controllers 16 through to 20 to provide maximum expression to each sound.

The demos showcase this functionality, with many of the sounds morphed in numerous ways for a variety of unique sonic effects.

At $30 for 658 patches this amount to a mere four cents per patch. So buy this and reinvigorate your Predator today.