Morphox Pitch Mutation

Yemski’s, Pitch Mutation, is the latest sonic exploration by Yemski. Here he takes Linplug’s Morphox to places and spaces it’s never ventured to before. Utilizing a wide range of techniques, he has created a huge palette of sounds for Morphox, changing it’s character completely in the process.

Pitch Mutation is suitable for a wide variety of genres and styles from IDM to EDM, Drum and Bass, Chillout, Soundtrack/Media and beyond. All possible tastes and styles are catered for.

With 104 Arps, 93 Bass, 61 leads, 123 Pads and Keys, and 25 FX,for 406 patches in total, Pitch Mutations has everything you need for your next project, So buy this now and take Morphox to the next level

Available from:

Available from:


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