Strobe 2 Warped Visions

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The full set for Warped Visions for Strobe 2:

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Warped Visions is my latest soundset for Strobe 2, inspired by artist like Boards of Canada, Com Truise, Tycho and Biblio. Perfect for replicating that late nineties IDM vibe, as well as more contemporary style such as Vaporwave, Warped Visiions, brings you to that introspective sombre place exemplified by these genres.

Comprising 130 pad and synth sounds this soundset will fit in with most alternative styles such as Vaporwave, Chillout, IDM, Breakcore and IDM. All sounds utilise the transmod system extensively, with aftertouch and modwheel assigned on all sounds with further controllers assigned on many. These allow you to warp these sounds in numerous ways, creating wide 3d expanses of aural bliss. So buy Warped Visions now and listen as Strobe 2 dissolves into a saturated mist.

The full set for Warped Visions for Strobe 2: