Creative Effects Vol 1 For Tantra VST Demo

Tech Specs

Category: Effect Presets

Effect: Tantra

File format: Instrument’s Native Format

Genre: Various

Special Instructions

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Creative Effects Vol 1 For Tantra VST Demo is a collection of Presets From Full Release

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Creative Effects Vol 1 Full Release Info

208 Presets for Tantra VST

55 Builds, Drops and Rhythmic presets
32 Filter presets
50 Glitch Effects (Distortion , Delayed and Glitch )
37 Lead Effects (Great for  Synths, Leads and Guitar)
35 Spatial Effects ( Great Delay and Modulation Effects)

Creative Effects Vol 1 for Tantra is a great collection of effects presets that show Tantra’s true power as a multi effects plugin. This Collection covers all your needs. Whether your looking for basic delay and modulation effects to crazy glitched, distorted, or riser effects. Creative effects Vol 1 takes full advantage of Tantra’s Modulation section. Almost all the presets rely heavily on Tantra’s 8 modulators. These effects breath and move.

Price $19.99