Realism | Chromaphone 2 soundset

Realism is a new soundset with 128 patches for Chromaphone 2. This soundset is specially designed for cinematic electronica with a modern edge and avant garde feel. Realism has been made with extensive use of Chromaphone's arpeggiator making quite fun and inspiring to play sounds with the keyboard. This soundset is well balanced between dark and light feelings. Formed by scary and haunting but also calmly and beautiful film score sounds.

Comprised with metallic mallets and xylophones, tense film score strings, rusty and distorted iron bells, uplifting and emotive arpeggios, cinematic lo-fi rhythms, powerful and crushing one-shot drums, ethereal and heart touching leads, powerful percussion kits, haunting pianos, gritty synths, menacing and otherworldly atmospheres and tense cinematic SFX.

Realism is full of analog warmth and realistic sounds because of the improved Chromaphone 2 resonators.

As always velocity, pitch and modwheel controls are assigned to all of the patches.