New Age Hippies Patches for Korg Wavestation (Legacy)

Over 40 free presets for the Korg Wavestation from the Legacy Collection. These patches are in AU format only!

The list of patches are:
Arp Dune
Arp Jung Glissando
Arp Kamasutra
Arp Koto World
Arp Land of Magic
Arp Maj7 Heaven
Arp Mr Taj
Arp Shaku Winds
Bass Bounced
Bass Digi
Bass Funk
Bass Reso Square
Bass Techno Clav
Chord Memory
Chord Synth Hit
Drumkit 01
Drumkit 02
Drumkit 03
Drumkit 04
Drumkit 05
Drumkit 06
Drumkit 07
Drumkit 08
FX Busy Waves
FX Ethno Spirits
FX Haunted Atmo
FX Splash Down
FX Vector Vox
FX Wind Bells
Pad Analog Soft
Pad Analog Strings
Pad Bird Surf
Pad Cascade Fall
Pad Flutter
Pad Phase
Pad Refloating
Pad Twillight
Pad Waving Sun
Pad Will I Dream
Synth Detuned Square
Synth Ethnic Bells
Synth Kalimba 5th
Synth Multi Kalimba