Juno-106 for TAL-U-No-LX

Although TAL-U-No-LX is modelled on the Juno-60, not the Juno-106, I figured that the two synths are similar enough that it would be possible to recreate the Juno-106 factory banks as U-No-LX presets. So, as a way to get to know TAL-U-No-LX better I have emulated Factory Bank A from the Juno-106.

I could not find official Roland patch sheets for the Juno-106 factory banks but thankfully I found some user-created 106 banks which provided an excellent starting point: the Juno-106 Librarian factory bank, and some user-created JU-06 presets, which themselves are derived from the Librarian presets. Many thanks to the authors of those soundsets.

The presets have been further fine tuned by ear using the SynthMania Juno-106 demonstration as a reference. The audio demos included with this soundset emulate the SynthMania demos.

Subtle differences between the 60/TAL-U-No-LX and the 106, and the fact that I don't own a Juno-106 to compare against made it difficult to perfectly reproduce some patches, but I think that most of them sound close. If anyone out there owns a Juno-106 and wants to have a crack at improving my soundbank to accurately match the real thing, that would be great!




Great, quality sound!

posted 4 years and 22 days ago

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