Signature sound collection for JD-XA Vol. 5: "Paddology"

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: JD-XA

Genre: Various

Format: Instrument’s Native Format


This release is dedicated to the warm,lush and soft pads! Enjoy!

This data contains the following number of Programs for the JD-XA: 16 Programs

  • Items to prepare for installing the Programs

Following items are required to install Programs:

  • JD-XA itself
  • USB memory formatted on the JD-XA
  • A computer with a USB connector (Windows, Mac)

How to install the programs :

  1. Plug the USB memory into the PC.
  2. Open the USB memory, and select "ROLAND" -> "JD-XA" -> "PROGRAM".
  3. Open one of the folders ("A" -- "P") where you want to store the programs.
  4. Copy all SVD files and SVQ files (16 files each) to the designated folder where you selected.
    You can find SVD files and SVQ files in the PROGRAM folder you downloaded.
  5. Plug the USB memory into the Memory Port of JD-XA.
  6. Press [USB Memory] button.
  7. Press [Bank] button, press one of the [A] -- [P] button corresponding the folder name you stored the programs on your USB memory.