Chain - Drum Layer (sidechain fix note)

Tech Specs

Category: Bitwig

Devices: Instrument Layer

Format: Preset (.bwpreset)

Genre: Experimental

Type: Instrument

Special Instructions

  • Unzip
  • put into "chain" folder like: .../Bitwig own Content\Presets\Chain

U find it in the Browser under CX

Note C5 to F#5 Drums per Note !

Chain with Layer:

2x E-Kick (C5 - C#5) 2x E-Snare (D5 - D#5) 2x E-Hat (E - F) 1x Layer with Clap and Polysnth (F#5)


Kick 1 cut Kick 2 Snare 1 cut Snare 2 Hat 1 cut Hat 2