4-op phase distortion bass

Tech Specs

Category: Bitwig

Format: Preset (.bwpreset)

Type: Instrument

OK, I just had to try this, it's 4 operators, the output of the LFOs are modulating the phases of other LFOs, and one of the LFOs is modulating the amplitude of a DC offset module. Each LFO has their own envelope. Amp + filter + eq are in the chain, they are switched on/off at various points of the demo clip.

I'm not sure if the LFOs use lookup tables in Bitwig, or if they're realtime calculated, anyway the update rate per device seems to be audio rate, but it sounds like the update between modulators might be with a lower resolution? That, or the system was just not designed to be used in this way :D

There is one slight problem, at least on my computer the patch plays a 16th note too late. Maybe BW needs some time for buffering of the phases or something? I asked the support already, let's see what they have to say. For the demo clip I had to bounce and move the clip by hand.

Anyway, let there be lofi-electro!

[Couldn't fetch content for https://soundcloud.com/haltiamieli/bitwig-4-op-phase-modulation-bassline-test - Is the URL correct?]