Tech Specs

Category: Bitwig

The preset generates cool random-ish arpeggio patterns. The four notes must be edited by hand in the note replacers.

It works by having four note replacers with the desired notes. The replacer is triggered by signal coming from a DC offset module modulated by a tempo-synced LFO. These are set periodically on/off synced to host tempo by four separate 4-step step modulators. The tempo multiplier of the four step sequencers is slightly modulated by a randon LFO, as well as the octave of the polysynth.

That's about it. And there's a chain inspired by the charasteristics of an analog BBD chip inside the delay's feedback chain... I might do a separate more sophisticated device based on the idea, I found a great paper about how to emulate the different aspects of analog bucket brigade delay chips in digital domain, everything should be possible already with the current Bitwig tools.