Tech Specs

Category: Ableton Racks

Devices: Auto Pan Gate Amp Reverb

Version: Live 8.4

Format: Live Set (.als)

Type: Effect

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AbletonOp SPKTRL FX are a series of audio effects based on splitting the input into different ranges of the audio spectrum, and then manipulating those ranges independently. The SPKTRL FX come in two varieties, 5 Band and 9 Band. There are some redundancies between the two, but the limit of 8 macros lead to implementing control of the effects in different ways.

There are also two blank racks of each. One with fixed frequency bands, and one with adjustable crossover control. I encourage you to insert your own effects and experiment with the different possibilities.

The download will contain a Live project file with 2 group tracks (5 Band and 9 Band). In the groups, you will find each of the various spectral effects. I’ve placed a simple saw wave synth (Simpler) before the effects so you can hear how each one works.

Be sure to open the Live Info View. I’ve left notes about each of the racks in there. Simply hover your mous over the title bar of the rack to reveal the notes.