Fat Ass Sub

Tech Specs

Category: Ableton Racks

Devices: Dynamic Tube EQ Eight Operator Saturator

Version: Live 10

Format: Rack (.adg)

Type: Effect Instrument

Genre: Various

Here's an adjustable instrument rack I made for a fat ass sub. It really stepped my sub bass game up when I came up with it so I thought i would share it. I also hope that people don't just use it but learn from it and adjust the sound to make it their own. Here's what's in it:

  1. operator - sine wave with a little stereo spread
  2. light tube distortion high end, warmth, fatness, and more stereo spread
  3. and audio effect rack where i split the mid and side with M/S eq and highpass the sides at 120hz
  4. A saturation rack I made that simultaneously turns down the output when you turn up the gain for a little saturation for extra audibility and clarity. (I used to use effect rack solely before I created this one)

The main part of this 2-4. There's not much going on in #1. That's why I named it "Make Subs Fat Again." If you want, you can take Make Subs Fat Again off of Fat Ass Sub and put it on your own sub instrument, like an 808 to make it a Fat Ass 808!


Controls starting with Dist control the distortion.

Main controls: dist drive = drive of the distortion Saturation = Control the inverse relationship between the Saturation's gain and output

dist drive makes it crunchier while saturation makes it more audible in a smoother way.

other controls: dist env - distortion envelope dist Bais - distortion bias dist tone - distortion tone

dist env and dist Bias are related to each other (one affects the other), so play around with these at the same time. If you turn either of these knobs to the right, the low end can disappear, although the effect of one verses the other sounds different. Dist tone makes the higher frequencies louder.