Drey Andersson - Mellotape For Xfer Serum

Special Instructions

You can download the full bank here on audiobombs or on my website HERE

Mellotape was created when I wanted to make the ultimate bank with sounds that had a certain character and feel that we all know from old vintage synths and tape devices.

The soundbank has over 261 new sounds from categories like Bass, Brass, Choir, Ethnic, Guitar, Hybrid, Key, Strings, Synth and Woodwind. These sounds result from over 278 new wavetables and 69 Noise samples from analog and digital vintages synths, mellotron wavetables just as organic instruments.

You can download a Demo here on Audiobombs

  1. Download the Mellotape Demo
  2. Unzip the archive
  3. Open your favorite DAW and load Serum
  4. In Serum click Menu, then Show Serum Presets folder
  5. This will open the Serum Folder where all the Presets, Wavetables and Noises are located
  6. Drag and drop the "Drey Andersson - Mellotape" Folder into "Presets"
  7. Drag and drop the "Drey Andersson - Mellotape Serum Noises" Folder into "Noises"

FULL SOUNDBANK https://themusicproducersblog.com/product/mellotape-for-xfer-serum/