AEON - Soundset for LuSH-101

Special Instructions

A demo version of AEON is also available which contains 5 patches (1 Arp, 1 Bass, 1 Key, 1 Pad, 1 Pluck).

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During the first minutes of the universe, elements collided during a process known as nucleosynthesis. Amid this newly formed cosmos rode waves of sound – and frequencies – of an unearthly beauty. Now after billions of years, these frequencies have reached our small corner of the cosmos.

Featuring 96 patches covering everything from evolving pads, mesmerizing arps, bottomless bass, to futuristic leads and delicate keys – AEON brings the vintage analog warmth that LuSH-101 is known for and carries it full circle to the clear and vibrant present. This sound set features an eclectic range of 96 meticulously hand crafted patches dripping with atmosphere and cosmic dust- which will be sure to imbue your sound with distinct character. Also included are over 100 Timbres which utilize LuSH 101’s multilayered architecture, which can been used to mix and match different elements together to create your own unique sounds. Each patch has Velocity and Modwheel assignments, and have been calibrated between -2dB and -4dB. Additionally, all patches and timbres are sorted by category for quick and easy identification.

The sounds contained are well suited towards downtempo chill and ambient, in the vein of artists from labels such as Synphaera, Ultimae, and Altar Records. These patches are equally at home with more uptempo genres such as trance, house and techno as well.

Discover the frequencies contained within AEON through the audio demos provided below.