QSQ80 for Audio Damage - Quanta

Special Instructions

I did the Demosongs only with Quanta and some Drum Samples. Beware: Sometimes it can happen, that you hear clicks in the preset. In that case you close Quanta reload it again. AD know that problem.

The digital 80's Synth SQ80 meets Quanta's Grainscape. I tried to keep the 80's flair in a new granular world. It sounds amazing and very musical. QSQ80 contains fine digital Keys, Pads, deep atmospheres and abstract sounds. New 40 Presets for Audio Damage - Quanta. For your granular pleasure.

2019 Supremeja Music

iPad Information: Download and save the zip-files on your DropBox or on your iCloud Drive. Open Quanta on your iPad and go to „User Presets“ and activate „Import Preset Zip“. Select now the preset-zip’s and import. Done.

Attention: New Preset Location in macOS 10.5. Catalina:

User -> Music -> Audio Damage -> Quanta -> User