Starwatch is an eclectic sci-fi inspired soundset created by the Pysbient producer and sound designer Echo Season and made available free exclusively for the AudioBombs community. Featuring expressive arps, cosmic pads, delicate keys, evolving soundscapes and subsonic bass. Suitable for ambient, electronic and cinematic genres, this soundset will add layers of depth and texture to any production.

Each patch features routings for modwheel and velocity for expressive playability. Additionally, every patch has been calibrated between -2 and -4dB of headroom at max velocity.

The latest version of Omnisphere 2 (2.6.2c or above) is required to use this soundset.



AR A New Pangea
AR Blue Light
AR Elite Wingman
AR Far Away Places
AR Harbinger of Light
AR Just Like Earth
AR Riddles in Time
AR Running


BA Dark Matter
BA Fusion Drive


BL Inverted Gravity
BL Mission Control
BL Prep For Flight
BL Sector?BL System
BL The Fringe


KY Iced Keys
KY Looking Back
KY Remembrance
KY Synthetic Life


LD Its Time
LD Photons
LD Single Cell Lifeforms
LD Solar Science
LD StarSync


PD 61 Cygni
PD Beams
PD Consciousness
PD Deeper Space
PD Folding Light
PD Global Cities
PD HD 188753
PD Kelpler 64B
PD Milky Way
PD Oxygen Source
PD Respite
PD The Space Between
PD Topology
PD Unlearn
PD Xi Tauri


PL Gamma Ray
PL Light Years
PL Racing Stars
PL Solar Flare
PL Tales of Another


SC Camped Under Stars
SC Starwatch
SC Void Sphere




Beautiful sounds. Thank you!

posted 1 year, 2 months and 24 days ago

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