Korg Wavestation “WS Universe” Bundle 100 Presets

Vector Synthesis – 33 years Anniversary & Korg Wavestation 30h Birthday!

This download is a demo containing some free patches. To purchase the full soundset, please visit our store

“Best Pads & Drones” + “Extended” soundsets now in one bundle

Wavestation is one of the best machines for deep ambient atmospheres & drones. Super lush sound & waves + vector synthesis – giving great possibilities.

First time you get so many usefull atmospheric sounds for your production simultaneously.

“WS Universe” contains 100 custom atmospheric pad/drone/string/evolving sounds/leads/plucks – all you need for atmospheric music production with authentic feeling.

  • Atmospheric pads dedicaited to our solar system & planets

  • Great layered filmscore piano and strings presets.

  • Powerfull distorted leads and retrowave silk plucks

  • Powerfull strings, brasses with authentic cyberpunk spirit

  • Beautiful & most powerfull “CS-80 Intro” preset by Chronos

Compatible with models: EX, A/D,SR, VST version from Legacy Collection.