True Trance Sounds Vol.7 for U-He Repro

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Buy the full True Trance Sounds Vol.7 for U-He Repro

Download link including 15 presets from the whole sounbank:

True Trance Sounds Vol.7 for U-He Repro1/5 comes with a 150 presets, uniting past, present and future of sound technologies. 36 Repro1 and Repro 5 bass sounds will give you all that you wanted to have for doing warm, massive and analog sounding of your composition. Of course we completed it with full range of Leads and Pluck presets and now we go further! This bank contains 12 deep Repro Kicks, 22 Loops, claps, HiHats and overall around 40 Drum sounds, more than 10 different wooshes and big pack of unique fx's. In one word, this bank has everything to create a full-fledged track with only Repro synth! For the full conviction of this, just look at the demo track, created entirely from Repro sounds and you will be surprised that this is real. Full bank includes 100 sounds from Repro 1 and 50 patches for Repro 5 . This can fully complete your requirements to a sound library that you need.

Repro 1: 1 - ACID 26 - Bass Sounds 10 - Kick Presets 24 - Drum Loops Presets 10 - FX presets 27 - Leads 1 - Pad 6 - Plucks 2 - Synth Sounds

Repro 5: 1 - ACID 2 - Bass Sounds 4 - Clap Wooshes 8 - Drum Sounds(incl. 3 Kicks) 7 - FX's 2 - Kick Wooshes 15 - Leads 3 - Pads 9 - Plucks

Total Number Of Presets: 150