Behringer Crave Bundle: 35 Progressive Patches + 64 Bass Seq

The Bundle consists of "Progressive" (35 patches) and "Techno Jam" (64 bass sequences) soundsets.

In "Progressive" soundset I tried to get the most interesting timbres out of Crave. It may seem that a single Oscillator, Filter, simple Envelope and LFO can't do too much. But experiments with the patchbay give a wide range of sounds. Some timbres are supposed to be played on a keyboard. For others it's better to use Arp or Seq. But, of course, you're free to experiment. There are mild and soft timbres, as well as wild and noisy.

The bank consists of 35 patches: - 15 Leads - 9 Plucks - 1 Percussion - 5 Sequences - 5 FXs

"Techno Jam" is a collection of 64 bass sequences for different subgenres of Techno, Minimal, House, Progressive: Acid, Deep, Rave, Dub, Tribal, Hardcore, Industrial, Dark, Electro, etc.

Try different BPMs, Envelope and Filter settings to get a wide range of results.

The length of the sequences is up to 32 steps, including "odd" length (e.g. 14, 18 and so on) for polyrhythmic grooves.

Each sequence is thoroughly set: Gate Length, Ratchet, Glide, Accent.