Korg Minilogue XD – 165 Presets Bundle

Special Instructions

This bundle consists of two soundsets: Motion Arp and Dense Atmosphere. 165 presets total. [Couldn't fetch content for https://soundcloud.com/anton_anru/01-minilogue-xd-dense - Is the URL correct?] [Couldn't fetch content for https://soundcloud.com/anton_anru/sets/korg-minilogue-xd-motion-arp-50-presets - Is the URL correct?] “MOTION ARP” is a collection of 50 arpeggio presets with various styles and moods: soft and aggressive, dry and spacious, slow and fast, and many others. These arps are suitable for many genres of music. Each preset is thoroughly set to sound lively, dynamic, and evolving.

The timbres are not static: add expression with Velocity, Aftertouch, and XY Joystic – these parameters are set for all the presets. In most cases Y Up adds brightness, Y Down makes the sound softer. X left and X right are set to 12 semitones, so you can add new colors to the timber immediately by shifting an octave up or down.

And the greatest thing that make the preset live is Motion modulation. Push Play button and hold the keys to fully enjoy these presets.

“DENSE ATMOSPHERE” is a collection of 50 pad timbres for Korg Minilogue XD. It consists of: 19 Pads, 11 Strings, 6 Rhythmic, and 14 Drones and Textures.

The presets cover a wide range of sound palette: warm and cold, clean and noisy, dark and bright, musical and atonal, static and rhythmic.

All presets are thoroughly set: each has Velocity, Aftertouch, and XY Joystick. Moreover, to make the timbre more dynamic and evolving use Motion Modulation, all 4 slots are set as well. Just hit the PLAY button and keep on playing on keyboard.

"KEYS AND BLISS" is a collection of 50 keys presets with various styles and moods: plucky and soft, dry and spacious, aggressive and mild, short and sustained, and others. These keys are suitable for many genres of music: from ambient to all dance styles. 

"BASS ESSENTIALS" is a collection of 15 Presets. These basses are classical and quite universal. They can be used in a wide range of genres: downtempo, lounge, deep, progressive, house, funk, nu disco, trap, acid, techno and others. 

All the timbres are done using factory oscillators and effects only, so no additional (third-party) SDK needed to use the collection.

To load the presets to your synth you should use Minilogue XD Sound Librarian application available on Korg official website.