Oberheim OB-12 "Legacy" Soundset

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: OB-12

Genre: 80's Ambient Cinematic Downtempo Orchestral

Format: .mid .syx

Type: Atmospheric Film Pads

Special Instructions

MORE PRESETS: https://lfo.store

LFO.Store proudly presents "Legacy" preset collection for The Blue Machine - Oberheim OB-12!

We spend lot of time for researching of how to make it sounds more analog in terms of overall tone and than made our first 30 presets.

Our setting we match from comparsion with vintage patches from our trusty Access Virus KB.

After matching OB starts to sound much more deeply.

The setting is included to the soundset.

"Legacy" is a collection of space sounds: Pads & Strings and one special powerfull drone patch dedicaited to Bladerunner 2049 Movie.

All the presets MW patched & sounds very deep after our EQ OB setting.

Patch list:

A (14)

Saturn String Neptune String Pluto Pad String Mars Pad String Earth Pad String Venus Pad String Mercury Pad String Uranus Pad String Light Speed String DarkerSpeed String LostParadise LostParadise2 LostParadise3 Perseus Arm String

B (16)

Sagittarius String Stratosphere String Flanged Mars String Shy Red String Ice Sea String Cinematic String Deimos String Norma Arm String Outer Arm String Earth String Moon Sonata String Cosmonaut String Orbital String Lost Planet String Asteroid String Saturn String