Yamaha SY77/99 - 64 Ambient Analog Fm Patches

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: SY77

Genre: 80's Ambient Downtempo Progressive

Format: .mid .syx

Type: Atmospheric Film Pads

Special Instructions

MORE PRESETS: https://lfo.store

FM Synthesis is Back!

The SY series synths are very complex and organic sounding.

Introducing unique 64 patches for older brothers from SY series!

Made by Nick Klimenko, author of WS Universe pack for Korg Wavestation & Organica pack for Waldorf Blofeld in collaboration with Loki (Ivan Vasiliev)

Here you will find:

Lush & complex ambient pads, swells, drones, textures. Great strings from JP,JX,Juno series (emulations)  Very organic solo leads with dedicaited expressivity Beautiful FM bells, plucks, complex structures Powerfull FM basses combined with advanced AWM osc's Our great "Alive" patch created specially for this series

All patches working with MW 1&2 + Aftertouch.

Also working with TG77.

Attention: NOT tested directly on SY99 - might be differences in sounds & might be that internal effects on 99 will be bypassed!


MarsLife Galaxy Meditate BluePad SKYWAY FM2Lead PolyEye FM Lead AN Bell SY Bell LandPad Voicez DawnPad TalePad Warm2Pd Warm Pd FM3Lead Gentle RealAN Massive Dionics Humana Paddin Cinema Alive!! Bass FM Moveing fmBassDX Leader BowlPad Calmnes Majesty fmBassSY fmPolySY Crystal 2Crystal Celtic MoLead ManySaw Onair JPPad LoLead fmBass2 Bass1FM Vibra Bl DX Bell FarBell SoulPad IceCream IceDream RusBell Springs loki t2 JDPad KeysOhm JUPad loki t3 loki3fmPad Orchest Clocks AgeIce KyriePD 2KyriePD JXPad