Luscious Bass and Sequences for Lush-101

Tech Specs

Category: Synth Presets

Synth: LuSH-101

Genre: Acid Dance Deep House Trance Trap

Touch The Universe is thrilled to present Luscious Bass & Sequences for LuSH-101, a prolific, genre bending, assortment of 330+ Thick and Creamy, Super Wide Stereophonic Basses and Futuristic Complex Multi-Sequenced Basslines to fuel the latest cutting edge productions. This huge collection of kick-ass layered basses covers a wide sonic territory and is split in two parts: basses and multi-sequences, which are full of modulation. The basses are stacked with deep creamy subs, phat noisy analog with low end, smooth high tech resonation, thick lushly basses full of snap, and mid basses full of character.


The multi-sequence basslines are all carefully crafted, multi-layered rhythmic sequences that could even stand for musically pieces themselves, covering the full range of the spectrum field- sub, low end, mids, and even layered with non-sequenced leads on top. They are full of modulations and really come alive with the mod-wheel. They cover a rich and diverse assortment of rhythmic styles, from complex, futuristic acid 303 lines to thick and lush bass sequences with super wide stereophonic textures. They are ideal for nearly all sub genres of electronic music, but, like with all the Touch The Universe sound banks, are perfectly suited to the progressive and futuristic styles of trance.

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